July 16, 2011

Yogurt Taste Test: Soy vs. Coconut

A review of three yogurts

  • Wholesoy & Co. soy yogurt has the same consistency as a low-fat or fat-free dairy yogurt. It is semi-thick and creamy (not as thick as regular fat yogurt). 
  • Trader Joe's soy yogurt has the same consistency as Wholesoy.
  • So Delicious coconut yogurt is very thick, kind of custard-like, but not creamy - almost gelatinous - and left a weird film on my tongue.
  • Wholesoy & Co. flavored soy yogurts are tasty and tangy. Wholesoy & Co. unsweetened plain soy yogurt was nasty and kind of tasted like pee, I had to top it with granola and really choke it down to finish it. 
  • Trader Joe's flavored soy yogurt is equally as tasty and tangy as Wholesoy but has a slight cardboard aftertaste. I have not seen a plain soy yogurt by Trader Joe's.
  • So Delicious coconut yogurt has a very mild flavor, almost flavorless. It is not tangy at all, which I find strange for a yogurt.
I was really disappointed with the So Delicious coconut yogurt. It had little flavor and a gross mouthfeel. The only edge it had was its appearance, with a nice white color, while both of the soy yogurts had a greyish tint.

Verdict: My favorite of the three yogurts is Wholesoy & Co. soy yogurts (but only the flavored ones), with Trader Joe's behind by only a hair. Wholesoy & Co. goes for about $1.30 per 6-oz cup and Trader Joe's goes for about $1 per 6-oz cup so I would just go for the Trader Joe's, unless the Wholesoy were on sale for a low price. 

What is your favorite yogurt?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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  1. Sadly, I don't have a TJ's near me :( And Dairy~Free Yogurts are really expensive so I tend to eat Chobani Greek Yogurt when i'm in need of a yogurt fix. I did find a blog post on how to make dairy~free yogurt so I may give that a try in the future :)