July 15, 2011


Most croutons contain cheese. I was able to find vegan croutons at Whole Foods but they were double the price I used to pay for my non-vegan croutons.

The other day at BJ's I found this 2-lb mamma-jamma of Fresh Gourmet Seasoned Organic Croutons which happens to be vegan. It cost around $6, which is about the same unit price per pound as the cheap croutons I used to buy. They happen to be organic, which is a nice bonus. They also happen to be very yummy. They're seasoned well and aren't overly salty. They're large, restaurant-style croutons.

Here is my first salad with croutons, since going vegan. It had romaine ($1.50 for a HUGE head from Morgiewicz Produce at the farmer's market), yellow zucchini ($1.50/lb, also from Morgiewicz), cherry tomatoes, croutons, and my quick/easy homemade dressing (I'll do a post on it).

How do you get an extra crunch fix in your salads?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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  1. I love croutons. mmm mmm mmmm. I also like to add sunflower seeds to my salads for a bit of crunch :)