July 8, 2011

Almost Instant Noodle Soup

Instant noodle soup is really convenient. All you need is hot water. But since you have to boil the water anyway, why not toss in some veggies and protein while it boils? It'll make the soup healthier, heartier, and prettier. It might also relieve any guilt for all the sodium in the noodle seasoning.

The idea was taken from my teenage cousin who makes instant noodle soup and adds whatever vegetables he wants from the fridge, and an egg. He once made it for my boyfriend and I (mine was eggless) and it was one of the best noodle soups we'd ever had.

I put water in a pot to boil. Meanwhile, I cut up some mushrooms and bok choy and added them to the water along with some fried tofu cubes and peanuts (not pictured). When it all came to a boil I let it keep going for a few minutes. In a big bowl I put the instant noodle and its seasoning, as well as some bean sprouts and cilantro. I poured the boiled mixture over everything in the big bowl.

That thing was huge. I got about halfway before giving up and putting it in the fridge.

A lot of instant noodle soups have meat or fish in them. Top Ramen's "Oriental" flavor is vegan. If you have access to an Asian market, there is a much wider variety of vegan noodles (spicy, kimchi flavor, seaweed, etc). Read labels carefully. I saw a "mushroom" flavor and got all excited, but it contained seafood.

Do you eat instant noodles? What veggies would you deck them out with?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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