About Me

I am a graduate student living on my own in New York City (which is where I was born and raised). Between studying and work, I am low on time and low on money. I am writing this blog to share my experiences and ideas. I hope to demonstrate that a vegan lifestyle is not only doable but desirable for a busy person on a small budget.

I used to be a hardcore meat-eater. I was raised by the southeast Asian side of the family (pigs ears, sharksfin soup, and fermented fish intestines) and my foodie mother (she fed me sushi before I was old enough to even know it was raw fish) in New York City (access to sweetbreads and foie gras). If you had asked me in 2010 what I thought about veganism, I would have told you that I thought vegans are completely nuts. Who would go to that extreme? What could possibly be that serious? How do they even survive on carrots and lettuce anyway? Leave me alone and let me enjoy my brie.

If I can be vegan, so can you.

Vegan on a Shoestring