July 28, 2011

Watermelon Rind Uses

Watermelon is my favorite fruit, and luckily for me it's in season right now which means it's highly available, fresh, sweet, and usually pretty cheap.

But what to do with the rind? While it might feel like the rind is useless and doesn't seem like a lot to throw away anyway compared to all that red flesh, the rind is actually several pounds worth, and you can actually use it!

I juiced the rind of half a watermelon and got a whole liter of juice. That means if you juiced the rind of one watermelon, you'd have a whopping half gallon of light, refreshing juice. To make it sweeter, you can save some of the red flesh to add to the juice, or add some apple.

My grandmother used to make a stir-fry out of watermelon rinds. You remove the tough outer skin from the rind, cut the rind into smaller pieces, and stir-fry with or without other veggies/proteins. It tastes like a cucumber stir-fry, so yummy.

How do you like to eat watermelon?
Do you do anything with the rind?

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