July 14, 2011

Subway Avocado

When I go to Subway I get the Veggie Delite sandwich because it is the only vegan sandwich on the menu (if you want to ask for more vegan choices, go to http://welovesubway.com). A footlong Delite usually fits the bill when I'm starving at lunch, but it does not hold me over to finish my long days. When Subway announced that they were going to offer avocado, I got really excited. A fresh, healthy fat would make the sandwich a lot heartier.

I finally got the Veggie Delite for lunch yesterday, with avocado. But it was disappointing for me. It was only a little smear of mashed avocado, which was hard to detect among all the veggies. What ruffled my feathers even more was that adding the two tablespoons worth of avocado cost me an extra $1. Nevermore! A dollar is a lot for two dabs of avocado. Since I didn't get any meat, couldn't they just add it, on the house? Get with the program, Subway. Chipotle does it!

Was it just me, or is the Subway avocado really worth all the hype?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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  1. I love the avocado, but our subway uses a smallish ice cream scoop to measure it out. Two generous tablespoons, minimum. I'm a regular, so they usually give me a little extra even. I would love for it to be free on a veggie though. Esp since the veggie is the same price.