July 19, 2011

Easy Homemade Salad Dressing

I don't buy salad dressing anymore. All the creamy ones I used to enjoy at my local supermarket contain milk, and all the vinaigrettes are a rip-off considering the largest part of the dressing is just water and sugar. I make my own, using whatever I have on hand. It only takes a minute to make and is so tasty and much more natural than the sugar-laden stuff in a bottle.

  • Equal parts oil (I use olive oil) and apple cider vinegar. If you only have white distilled vinegar on hand, do two parts oil to one part vinegar.
  • Whatever seasonings you have on hand that you are in the mood for. I usually use dried basil, garlic powder, salt.
  • I usually add some kelp granules (for iodine) and ground flax (for omega-3). I can't really taste them in the dressing so it's a great way for me to sneak the extra nutrients. The ground flax also thickens the dressing a little so it coats the salad more nicely.
I put all the ingredients in a jar and shake it up. Voila, instant homemade dressing.

What's your favorite salad dressing (whether store-bought or home-made)?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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