August 29, 2011

Iron, and Spinach Salad

I have an appointment to donate blood platelets this weekend. I've donated blood numerous times but one time I tried to donate platelets and my iron wasn't high enough, so I had to give regular blood instead. The NY Blood Center sent me an e-mail last week offering a $25 gift certificate for a platelet donation, so I want to make sure my iron is good and high this time so I can give the platelets and treat myself to something nice. In order to increase my blood iron, I've been putting a lot of effort into eating more beans and leafy greens.

Here is a spinach salad with heirloom grape tomatoes, avocado, dill, cilantro, fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Vitamin C (which is in the tomatoes and lemon juice) are supposed to help the iron get absorbed.

I hope all of this works. But if not, at least I've found some tasty ways to eat healthier!

Have you ever had to increase your blood iron? What works for you?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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