October 29, 2011

Farm Sanctuary: New York City, Walk For Farm Animals

I went to the Walk For Farm Animals at Central Park last weekend. Since going Vegan, I haven't been to any veggie or animal rights events. Not only was this my first event as a Vegan, I was going alone, so I was really nervous. When I got to the event and tried to check in, I was told my name wasn't on the list. I thought, "This is a sign I'm not supposed to be here! I should just go home." But I was already there, and wanted to show my support. I wanted to be one more body in the crowd, one more person that a passerby would see walking for the lives of farm animals.

I really enjoyed the event. It was really motivating and empowering to be surrounded by so many like-minded people, all walking together for the same reason. Not everyone was vegan. Not everyone was even vegetarian. But there we all were, raising awareness for the same cause.

Are there any veggie or animal rights events are held in your area?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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