September 16, 2011

Cold Green Soup

Spawned off of Dara Dubinet's "one true thing" soup:

Into my Magic Bullet blender, I pushed a couple handfuls of spinach, one peeled lime, several sprigs of fresh dill, several sprigs of cilantro, garlic powder, salt, and just enough water to get the blender going (I also had to shake it a bit to get it started). When blended, the cup had a lot more space because the spinach leaves had decreased in volume due to being blended, so I opened the cup and added more spinach. I kept doing this until, when blended, the mixture was thick and almost filled the cup (by the end I was able to put in several handfuls of spinach, it's amazing how small it all gets when blended!). At the end I added half an avocado and blended one more time until thick and creamy. I topped the soup with nutritional yeast and homemade lentil sprouts. It was delicious, thick, creamy, and filling.

Do you enjoy soup in the summer? What types do you like?

Vegan on a Shoestring

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